It is an undeniable fact that people are products of what they are constantly exposed to. Looking at the society today, it is obvious that the moral decay of our children, youths and mostly middle aged adults are all as a result of their exposure to the faulty postulations flying around - mostly in the social media and entertainment industry today. 

The kind of media product flooding the market, especially comedies which are meant to convey serious messages subtly is now a vehicle of disgusting displays, wrong postulations, and vulgar words, are clear pointers of how things in Nigeria is gradually moving from good to bad and to worse, which keeps us wondering if things will ever get better. Why have we forgotten the wise counsel and trainings we received from our fathers? Why have we derailed so much from the moral standard and good attitudes we had? Where did our children get these crazy and spooky ideas they are displaying today? The glaring answer can be drawn from some of the contents the social media we are all exposed to today. 

The social media space is such a strong force of transformation in our society and many people are already overwhelmed in it.

They are taking things into their heads hook-line-sinker, without the maturity of sieving the information to know the different between the authentic and the facade. This also agrees with the fact that the transformation of man begins with a change of his mindset, whether positively or negatively.    

Faced with such enormous weight of futility in our society, there must be something we can do to salvage the good we have left and to bring our society back to appreciating the power of morality in attaining national peace and development. The powerful force of the media cannot be denied, and so Euagglion Network is engaging the media sector to bring about an alternative to the norm, which is geared towards a reformation of the society. 

Euagglion Network is large pool of gifted, efficient and talented people in the field of media and entertainment and other related professions, to produce decent and morally sound product and services, working towards influencing the attitude and moral standards of our audience, media and entertainment industry in Nigeria.


Our vision is sowing the seed of transformation in the perception of our audience to conform to the mindset and lifestyle of Jesus Christ. Compelling the lost to come to Christ and igniting the fire of revival in the saints, through acts.


Amongst the various products Euagglion offers, are total theatre stage plays – starting with ‘The Renovators’. The Renovator is a captivating story, full of high emotions, drama, comedy, suspense and thriller with real life scenarios made into fictions. The stage play appears every month in order to heal broken families.  Stage play is one of the medium which creates and strengthens family bonding and healthy relationships. This play is a total theater… Music, dance and acting, so mesmerizing with the capacity to keep our audience locked down till the end.


With the popularity of cinema, Netflix and home videos, stage plays are faced with the dangers of going extinct. The need to revive stage plays cannot be overemphasized, because of the impacts it makes as a strong influential tool for information, education, correction and reformation of the society as a whole.



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